Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Still Here

Christi often wonders what will happen when I pull a Stu Unger and overdose alone in a porno motel. If no one finds my body, she wants to know long it will be before people start to wonder whether I’m still alive. Well, if the past 5 and a half months are any indication, I might put the over/under at around 5 and a half months. The calls and emails have started to trickle in.

For the people interested in such things, I would like to go on the record as saying that I do still exist. If you happen to be wondering why you haven’t seen me around the northeast much or at any of the usual tournaments it’s because I’ve been with family in Florida. And unrelated to that, if you’re wondering why I haven’t updated this site much, there is a reason for that as well. It’s because I’m a lazy sack.

But in my defense it is also partially due to the fact that I haven’t done much worthy of your reading time. My normal year end activities, the east coast poker tournaments, the Central American Krumping circuit, the pro bono bounty hunter work I do for tax reasons, so on and so forth, have all been indefinitely put off. I will make an effort to do exciting things that I can write about at some point in the future but I have no idea exactly when that might be.

Right now I’m just in something of a holding pattern, taking some time off from the danger and excitement of my normal duties in order to hang out with my father. For the past couple years I was always hoping that he was just faking this whole Parkinson’s thing. He does love attention. And as Rush Limbaugh clearly showed, anyone can fake that whole shaky-ass crap. Unfortunately though, it’s finally gotten to the point where even if he is faking it he’s doing such a damned thorough job it’s probably best to just humor him.

So Christi and I have been hanging down south for a while to keep him company. On the bright side, even though he may be a little older, and whole lot wobblier, his attitude, as always, is good. And, above everything else, he’s still here, which all things considered, is probably not the worst way to start the year out.


Anonymous said...

Sorry as I am that my book cover will no longer dominate the top of your blog page, I am happy that you are back to keep your many fans smiling.
Not that we depend on you or anything--that would be stupid--but life with you and your blog is infinitely better than life without.
Keep writing, brother.

Anonymous said...


You know how many times I have checked this site only to be disappointed? Mucho, amigo ( a lot, my friend) It's about damn time you were heard from. You have an obligation to my daughter and myself to write more often. Had I a way to contact you, you can be sure you would have heard from me before. When are you coming to the DR?


rob said...

mike. i don't know if you remember me. i'm a friend through dave hill. i've met you a few times at poker clubs in nyc (circa 2002) and a couple times in vegas during the big tourney. anyway, i've read your blog for the past year and thoroughly enjoyed it. glad you're back on the wagon. enjoy the time with your pops. post soon. best. rob greenberg

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Anonymous said...

i'd pay top dollar for that picture of richie the dwarf and robert.

frankie the professor