Saturday, February 25, 2006

Meta post #1

Before I do anything else I think I should take a moment to thank all the people who have used space on their own blogs to link to this blog and recommended it to their readers. So a big shout out to this growing group of helpful folks that so far consists of nobody. That’s right in the half a year or so that this blog has been up nobody has seen fit to recommend it to someone else. Thank you nobody. It’s good to know that as always nobody is there for me. I couldn’t have done it without you. (Actually I just double checked and found out that my friend Jor has actually put up the first link to this blog. However I still think "nobody" is funnier than "Jor" so I’m leaving that first paragraph as is.)

However, nobody linking me didn’t really bother me until I read this New York Magazine article on blogging. In short it said that you can have two different blogs both specifically dealing with the political economy of media as it relates to East Timor, one of which is written by MIT’s Noam Chomsky and one by Different Strokes’ Todd Bridges, and in short if Todd has more incoming links he’ll have more readers. End of argument.

So apparently these link things are important to getting readers and nobody wants to give me any. What exactly does that mean? Well, two things actually.

First in a vindictive retaliatory action, for the time being, I will be actively not linking to other blogs. Screw you all. You guys have no idea just how hard I'm not linking your asses.

And secondly I will be bypassing the blog writers who so brazenly snub me and instead will be courting their readers directly (in a roundabout manner). My plan is to attack through the comments section of their blogs. It is my hope that if I put comments on other people’s blogs some of their readers might see my name and say "Hey, I loved Shut Up And Deal," and click on my name.

Now of course I’m a little too lazy and/or self absorbed to actually read other people’s blogs much less write stuff on them so to simplify this operation my comments will consist of 3 phrases which I can cut and paste randomly to other blogs. Until someone comes up with a better idea these 3 phrases will be:

1) "Personally, I think I would have just moved all-in." As it turns out this is generally my response to 93% of the poker questions I get asked, but don’t actually listen to. So I figure it should apply to a majority of the posts dealing with specific poker hands.
2) "Awwww, yeah! You put the B in blog, beeyotch." This was actually Christi’s suggestion and I think it is rather sufficiently generic enough to cover a wide range of posts.
3) And of course anything that isn’t covered by the first 2 comments will be handled by the ever reliable standard: "Zoinks!!!"

Wish me luck.


JILPoker said...

Good luck. I think my standard comment will be: "Personally, I always just call all-in"

It reflects the fish in me.

Anonymous said...


-- carl/buddha

jane said...

Dear Mike May, You are a jerk. I've had you linked on my site for months now. Just because I don't play cards for a living doesn't mean I don't count. PS Zoinks? I mean really. PPS I thought of you when Uncle Owen died. Remember when you sent me to that weird game store to get an Uncle Owen card for a rock star? Good times.