Thursday, March 02, 2006

Mission Accomplished!! (Metapost 1.1)

Unfurl the banners. I’m proclaiming Operation Back Door Thunder (as outlined in the last post) to be a resounding success. The hard work of putting random comments on random other blogs has paid off generously, to the tune of one pity link from Ross on a Rush. The chemist/poker player market is not an easy one to penetrate but with this new link I now consider it conquered and will move on to other markets. Of course the fact that I was originally linked as http:// instead of the correct makes the utility of this new link a little suspect but I will take my victories where I can. Break out the champagne, the battle is joined.


Chris Fargis said...

Personally, I think I would have just moved all-in.

Chris Fargis said...

Jesus, May, maybe the reason no one links you is that you can't even get THE NAMES OF PEOPLE'S BLOGS RIGHT. The guy's blog is called "ROS on a Rush." Not ROSS, Ros. Like Roswell. Get it together, May.

(Hmm, Ros' name is Matt and there are like seventeen too many Matts in poker so maybe we should just start calling him Ross. Yesss, you may be onto something here.)

Mike May said...

The funny thing is that I always wondered why it was Ross on a Rush if his name is Matt. Mystery solved. (Though us unilaterally changing his name to Ross would make things easier. If no one objects let’s run with it.)

Richard said...

I'd like to direct everybody to Mitch Mayo's excellent blog at




as of friday, i will no longer be a chemist any more, will means i have more time to flame you in the 30 stud8 games on party ! keep raising me on the river with the worst hand!

matt k