Monday, July 03, 2006

In regards to complaints about my blog (or rather the disheartening lack thereof)

I’m not sure how I should feel about this, but no one seems to complain about my blog. I’m reading some of my friends’ blogs and they all have posts about people being upset that they don’t write more often. Chris Fargis and Matt Maroon write apologies to all the people who say they should post more often. Here at the world series I’m talking to Richard Brodie for maybe 6 minutes tops and someone comes up to him desperate to know when his next post will be. For whatever reason, that doesn’t seem to happen to me. No one, uh, no one seems quite similarly concerned about my prolificness.

I am of course sincerely thankful for the couple of people who have come up to me and said kind things about my content. But when they do this I usually apologize for my dismally infrequent output and invariably their response is almost identical, some variation on "oh my, don’t trouble yourself with such thoughts."

Of course I want to read this response as "my lord, who could be expected to produce such brilliance more than once every 3 months." However, I don’t know if that’s a correct translation.

More accurately I picture a five year old finger painting a father’s day card, and then apologizing for the lack of semiotic unity with some of the themes he’s explored in his earlier works. "Oh my, don’t trouble yourself with such thoughts."

As it so happens, I’ve usually been rather comfortable with aiming low. However, the problem I realized is that it’s one thing to have low expectations for yourself, but it’s something entirely different when you realize those expectations may be contagious.

So I’ve unilaterally decided to try and raise the bar a little. I make this promise to you, while I’m out here at the World Series I’ll be trying to get a post of one sort or another out at least every week or so.

Regardless of whether you care or not.

So screw you.


Chris Fargis said...

You know what it is? For a while I posted every day and now I don't. That's why people complain. It has nothing to do with the relative merits of our writing. Where have you been anyway?

Anonymous said...

I for one check for a new post everyday, waiting for your original, hilarious, often brillian posts (seriously, no sarcasm here). I guess, like myself, some of us are just too polite to complain. Glad you're increasing the frequency.

Mike May said...

All right, so what you're saying is that you both hate me and you think I should try not to suck so much. I hear you.

Greg said...

I'm definitely a fan, but since you say on your front page that you wouldn't post very often, it seemed silly to complain that you don't post often. Now that you've made this post, I'll stalk you daily requesting more posts if you want.


Pete said...

About time Mike...I actually took the trouble to bookmark your blog, because it's jsut that damn good. In fact, it's good enough that it got me motivated to start writing my own blog...

All kidding aside, I wish there were more frequent updates because this is one of the few poker blogs that has writing that is both funny and insightful.

Now dance for us Monkey!!!