Thursday, August 03, 2006

Above Average!

As I left the World series tournament area last night I checked to see what the listed average chip stack was.

The listed average: 72,376
My stack: 73,200

Awww yeah! That’s right, above average.

Of course there were fewer players in day 2A than my day 2B so once they combine the two fields and crunch the new numbers I should come out right where I generally belong, slightly below average. But for a couple hours at least I will bask in the glow of my above averageosity. In your face, Average! I am so 1.138 percent above you it’s not even funny. Suck it!


Matt said...

I wish you many lucks on day 3, until you land at my table.

Anonymous said...

Mr. May -
wish i was out there, but im lazy so didnt make it. Godd Luck bro!! Take it down. Matt Kap-

Anonymous said...

Good luck

Matt Matros said...

I regret to inform you that, according to the player list I have, you are indeed below average. So you're just going to have to kick some ass tomorrow so that you're WAY above average come Saturday.

Good luck, Mike. I'm rooting for you.

Anonymous said...


If you are interested in selling a piece send me an e mail.

Costa Rica Dave

jane said...

No cash value? What is the point? And why is "The Claw"?

The Zigster said...

Take 'em all out, Mojambo! You is da man! For your whole life, you have been riding slightly above average all the way to the top, so why stop now...

Shane Schleger said...

but by the time you next update your blog, the avg stack will be somewhere around 87M.

Best of luck nevertheless.

Mike May said...

Thank you very much my fine friends. I do appreciate the support.

And Jane, "no cash value" (as written on the chips) simply means that we are playing for fun. When they say the winner of this thing gets 12 million dollars they are referring to the amount of fun they'll have, having outlasted everyone else. And I don't have to tell you, that's a lot of fun.

Matt "I could just not show up on friday and still end the day above average" Maroon, good luck to you also.

And Matt and Shane thanks for bringing me down to Earth. That whole being average thing was starting to go to my head.

Dave, I've actually sold some 721 percent of myself in the last 2 days. So I don't know if that would be the best of deals for you. I'm looking to tank the first hand.

And Ziggles, you more than anyone know how I like to roll, "average as a bean".

Thanks again everyone.

writerman said...

Let's see, 1 percent of $12 mil is...oh yeah, I forgot. Well, see you in Cannes, if I can afford to get there.
Good luck, pal.

Mike May said...

Peter, if I win, Cannes are on me for a whole year. Cannes for everyone!

Anonymous said...


I see Melissa on the leaderboard, but I don't see you. You better still be in.

Costa Rica Dave

Anonymous said...

Mikey Boy!!!!

It looks like you have cashed. Ca ching!!! Good job.


Anonymous said...


I am proud of you. Good job. Don't second guess yourself.


JILPoker said...

we at Royal Flush Entertainment, LLC were rooting for you the whole way!