Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Thanks Ralph!

I realize that I've been spending too many post with boring thank you’s and well wishes. Very soon I hope to go back to rambling, overly wordy stories that better serve the true purpose of this blog. However, overcome with the moment, sitting here in Central Park, I want to give a fast shout out and thanks to Ralph Lauren. If you ever happen to find yourself on the upper east side of Manhattan and need to drop a deuce, do treat yourself and drop it at the Ralph Lauren shop on 72nd and Madison.

A half an hour ago I had to take the dump of the ages and easily amortized the cost of my new cell phone by using the "find bathroom" feature on Vindigo. It listed the Ralph Lauren store as being the closest 5 star bathroom, and let me tell you Mr. Laren did not disappoint. I doff my chapeau to you, sir. A doorman at the front of the store wearing a pink shirt and sports coat, three urinals downstairs all with different sections of the New York Times, clean sinks and even toothpaste. I'm not quite sure what degree of homeless I would have to be to scrub the inside of my mouth with something I found in a Manhattan bathroom, but it was reassuring nonetheless to know that if it ever comes to that Ralph's there for me. I love this city.


Anonymous said...

You saw me in Vegas, you promised to bring Christie down to see me (you probably didn't even tell her I was there)and didn't, and most importantly I still haven't seen my name in your blog. Thanks to Peter's book for giving me your blog site.


Mike May said...

I'll be honest with you Joel. I told Christi that you were there and she just seemed a little too excited to see you. Eventually I told her you wanted to see her as well but that you were in a low flying helicopter accident the day before and she seemed to accept that. Sorry, I've heard too many stories about your 21 year old girlfriends and I'm easily threatened.