Saturday, August 05, 2006

The Dream is Dead

All right, don't spend too much time scanning today's results for my name. The dream is dead. Perhaps I'll post about getting knocked out at some time but it's not really that exciting. I was a 75 or so percent favorite when the money went in so it was an honorable death, and I did cash, but still the details are probably not worth your time.

Right now I'm a little on the tired side, but I do want to give a fast thanks to everyone who wished me well and a special thanks to Andy, of Dealt Out fame, for letting me pimp this site on the MSNBC blog. Take care everyone.

Also, if for some reason you would like to actively shun the blog of the person that knocked me out then definitely don’t go here.


Ingrid Weber said...

Oh man, I was right there, rooting for you...Now I'm rooting for Scott

Anonymous said...

Mikey boy,

Shoot me an e mail. You can get my address from Cristi.

Costa Rica Dave

jane said...

Dear Mike May, You are still my favorite, mostly because you are $90 million in no-cash-value fun. Anyway Nord is a terrible writer.

Anonymous said...


I just want to drop a shameless link to the best horse betting site of the web

Costa Rica Dave

Ps. I am still waiting to hear from you.